Trump administration to release ‘study abroad’ guide to college students

President Donald Trump’s administration will release a study abroad guide for high school and college students, The Hill has learned.

The Trump administration is planning to launch the guide to high school students and colleges in the fall, a move that will be designed to help schools plan courses that would help students earn a degree abroad.

The White House has already announced that it will offer students a free online course that will provide students with an overview of the country’s colleges and universities and how they can apply for financial aid abroad.

The White House is also planning to develop a similar guide for students and their families to help them find colleges that match their needs.

Trump’s move comes as colleges across the country are facing steep tuition hikes due to the economic downturn, particularly in the West.

While many states are taking steps to rein in costs, other states are also struggling to cope.

The University of Texas at Austin is among those struggling.

On Monday, the school announced that the number of students enrolled in the 2017-2018 academic year had nearly doubled from the previous academic year.

The school reported that its students were averaging $1,964 per credit hour, which is $3,400 more than the national average of $1.08 per credit.

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