How to get an academic visa to study abroad

Posted September 12, 2018 05:02:52 With the Australian government’s crackdown on overseas students, more students are now using online education companies to study in other countries.

This is a big step for those who want to study overseas but have a limited number of resources available.

The ABC’s Victoria Mehta interviewed one Australian academic who is now studying overseas.

The Australian study abroad program has become so popular in recent years that a new website has been set up to help students find other international universities.

A number of overseas universities have sprung up since then and some have been highly successful.

Dr Jillian Leckie says the Australian study overseas program has increased the number of students interested in studying in other places.

“The number of international students coming to Australia in the past couple of years is very large, but this is an increase in students wanting to go overseas to study and this is a result of the new visa rules that were announced in February,” Dr Leckies said.

Dr Lecksie said students who were already studying abroad often were able to use the new Australian study visa to work, and that was great for the country.

“They can get a job, they can get an apprenticeship and so they can contribute to the economy of Australia,” she said.

A student at the University of Queensland’s Queensland School of Law.

Photo: Michelle Smith Professor Tim Stokes from the Australian Institute of Criminology said there were several reasons for the increase in overseas students.

“We are seeing a real trend, a trend in terms of the number and variety of overseas students coming in to study at universities and a trend that we have seen in the numbers of international law students coming here,” he said.

“It’s a sign that Australia is a country of aspiration for people who aspire to be lawyers and academics.”

Prof Stokes said it was an exciting time for the university and law students in Australia.

“There’s a huge demand for law and it’s a great opportunity for Australian law students, especially those who are studying at the highest level, to make a career,” he added.

“This is an opportunity for law students to make connections with the best and brightest in the world.”

Dr Lecker said it had made it easier for students to get overseas work.

“I’ve seen many students who are coming from Australia and from overseas looking for work and it just feels good to work in Australia, to get out in the real world and do what you love,” she explained.

“A lot of the students that I speak to, they’re looking for a career path, a job that is well-paid and well-established.”

Ms Leckys said it wasn’t the first time she had been interested in overseas studies.

“Some of my colleagues are working in other industries and I have been thinking about coming to work with them for a while now,” she told ABC News Breakfast.

The new Australian Study Visas are valid for two years, but can be extended for an additional year.

They require students to submit a “good reason” for wanting to study or a “reasonably good reason” to study.

Students are also required to show they have “a reasonable chance of achieving success in the work force in Australia”.

Students are encouraged to take the visa application process online at and pay the $90 application fee.

They will need to provide proof of residency and a “letter of interest” to the Australian consulate.

The visa can be renewed online at the Department of Immigration, Citizenship and Immigration’s website.

The Department of Citizenship and Public Service has launched a website with links to more information.

Students who apply for the new study visas will need their passport or driver’s licence to verify their identity.

To apply for a study visa, students need to fill out a study visas application form and provide a copy of their passport.

Students will also need to register online and provide their full name and the date of birth.

They can apply for two study visas at once, but must fill out both forms.

The application process can take up to three months to complete, and the visa can only be renewed once.

Dr Mehtas said the process had become very time-consuming for students and it could be frustrating to have to wait months for a visa renewal.

“Students are very busy, they are going from university to university to hospital to work,” she added.

Dr Lekys said the Australian program was an important step for international students.

She said many of the people who had come to Australia to study would be students in other nations, or overseas students in countries that had already passed visa rules.

“So the fact that you can apply online for a research visa without a visa stamp and then get it in two months is amazing,” she concluded.

“You know, it’s just a fantastic example of the way that Australia values international students, it values the work they do.”

For more information on study visas, visit, or read

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