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The next two weeks of UMich’s 2018-19 season have been a whirlwind for head coach John Calipari.

But there’s something else going on in the recruiting process as well.

The Tigers will hold their first spring scrimmage this week and the staff has already started the search for its next head coach.

There’s a lot to unpack in this weekend’s recruiting cycle.

UMich has yet to open its 2018 recruiting class to the public.

So, the staff will be keeping that information locked away for now.

However, the Tigers are expected to announce their new coaching staff on Monday, according to sources close to the program.

They’re expected to include five or six of the top prospects in the class, including two of the best high school players in the country, according a source familiar with the situation.

The top recruits include four-star wide receiver Josh Davis and three-star defensive end Josh Harvey-Clemons.

The next big thing for Caliparis team is to find a new starting point guard, with several candidates in the mix for the position.

The staff is expected to name a new coach for the starting position, and some of the other spots on the roster are also expected to be filled.

The offensive line will be a huge question mark.

With the departure of tackle Travaris Robinson, the program will need to find someone to replace him, according the source.

Another position of need for Cali is at running back, where the program already has one of the country’s best backs in James Hurst.

But, the coaching staff is looking to add some depth to the backfield, with two of those possibilities being former Clemson quarterback Cam Akers and two-time first-round pick Tyler Davis, according one source close to recruiting.

The sources did not disclose the names of the players in those discussions.

Another intriguing position for Cal has been the defensive line, where it’s expected to add two new starters, according an anonymous source.

But the Tigers also have three of the nation’s best defensive tackles in defensive end/outside linebacker Zach Edwards, defensive tackle/outside linebackers Josh Ferguson and Tyquan Lewis, and two of UMIs top defensive ends in linebacker Derrick Hopkins and defensive tackle Teez Tabor.

Another major position for the program is its offensive line, with Calipars defensive line coach Mike James having his first full year as the offensive coordinator.

The Wolverines have had an up-and-down offensive line this year, but have also gotten better as a unit.

The new staff should help the Tigers get a lot better, as they should be able to get more out of players like Edwards and Davis, as well as Tabor, according another source.

One position that has been somewhat overlooked in recruiting is UMIs quarterback depth.

The program has two quarterbacks in James Robinson and Christian Hackenberg, as noted by sources close in the program, but there’s no one in the 2018 class who has the ability to win a starting job.

So the Wolverines are expected a strong recruiting class for 2018, and that should include a few guys who can help the team this fall.

In terms of offensive line depth, one of UMis biggest needs is at offensive tackle, where three of UM’s top defensive linemen, tackle Jonathan Bullard, cornerback Trevon Broughton, and safety Trevon Coley, have been committed.

One of the more interesting positions for the Wolverins is wide receiver, with four-stars DeAndre Johnson, wide receiver Corey Davis, and a couple of others in the running back and receiver categories.

The biggest position of concern for the Michigan coaching staff has been its quarterback situation, which is something the Wolverids have had to deal with all year.

There’s a feeling that the program could use a veteran starter, and Calipares first choice at that position, Christian Hackenburg, has been battling a concussion since early February.

There have been rumors that Hackenberg is dealing with a blood clot in his brain, and he could potentially need surgery on it, according ESPN’s Mike Brey.

Michigan has been in need of a quarterback for a while, and this year’s recruiting class is going to be the most important one in years.

And the Wolveriks offensive line has been a huge reason why.

The senior-laden unit is projected to be one of two teams to win the Big Ten West this season, according Brey, with the other team needing to be a Top 25 team to qualify for the postseason.

But, the Wolverits offensive line is going through a tough time this year.

The team was a top 25 team in the Big East a year ago, and had to replace five starters in the front seven, according Sports Illustrated’s Steve Vinson.

The group has also struggled to play together due to injuries to tackle Taylor Moton and center Chris Wormley, who are out for the season with injuries.

The depth is also one of Michigan’s biggest weaknesses this year as it

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