What you need to know about a new fairfield school’s online graduation program

In June, Fairfield High School and Fairfield Community College partnered to offer online high school and college credit towards a new, five-year program called the “Bridal Scholarships.”

The goal of the program is to help students who are struggling financially or are working toward a degree get a degree in a timely fashion and have access to the college credit they need to complete their degree.

The scholarships are available to students who have a family income below 200% of the federal poverty level, or who are currently in school, and who have been accepted to the Fairfield College.

“We wanted to create a program that would allow students to be able to go and take advantage of a scholarship, even if they are struggling, but also not have to worry about the debt that might come with a degree,” Fairfield Principal Michael Brown told Polygon.

Brown said students are eligible to apply for the scholarships by attending Fairfield’s online high schools, as well as participating in the community college community service course.

Students who attend Fairfield community colleges are eligible for the Bridal Scholarship, and the amount of credit they receive depends on their income.

“The Bridal Scholarship is for students who earn less than 200% the poverty level.

It is $1,600, but we will take $1.80 off that amount if you have a credit score that is above 620,” Brown said.

The Bridal scholarships can be applied for online by visiting Fairfield.com/Bridalscholarships.

The program will be available from June 18 through July 1, with the first class beginning on June 28.

“You have to get in contact with your family,” Brown told us.

“So we’re encouraging families to be proactive about making sure they’re in contact and making sure their children are in contact.”

Fairfield students will need to fill out a financial aid application at the Fairmont Student Union and make a commitment to enroll in the Bridalship.

“There’s no way for a student to miss out on a Bridal scholarship,” Brown explained.

“If you have not made a commitment, we can’t be responsible for you not enrolling in the program.

We are looking for the most responsible person, and that’s our community college students.”

“If a student is able to take advantage [of the Bridaships], we will pay the tuition, but it’s all in interest-free loans,” he added.

The students who make the commitment to the program, will then receive $1 in interest for each semester of tuition.

“When we have enough interest, we will be able, as an employer, to pay it off,” Brown assured us.

Students can complete the Bridaledgeship application and pay the interest on the money in interest free loans.

“At the end of the year, we would like to see them be able [to] have a college degree and be able pay it back,” he said.

Brown noted that students who enroll in Fairfield will be allowed to defer paying the student loan interest on their debt.

“I would love to see [student debt] go down as a percentage of their income,” he explained.

Brown believes that this program will help the students who need help the most.

“It’s going to be good for our students,” he stressed.

“These are the students that need it the most and we need to be the ones to get it.”

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