How to study abroad in Argentina

The number of students studying abroad in Argentinas universities rose from 2,800 in 2014 to 3,000 in 2017, according to data obtained by The Hill from the government.

The numbers are higher than in the United States, which has more than 10,000 students studying overseas.

The study abroad data also shows that students are more likely to be students than graduates.

The number increased from 1,200 students in 2014, to 1,400 in 2017.

The most common country of study for students is Argentina.

Argentina has a population of more than 50 million people and is a top destination for international students.

The country is home to nearly half of the world’s top 500 universities, according the International Education Agency.

The University of Buenos Aires and other top universities have more than 100,000 international students studying, and are home to more than 30,000 doctoral students.

The majority of Argentinas students study in the U.S. or Canada.

Students are also increasingly choosing to study in Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

But the government says it is committed to promoting the countrys educational system.

The new data, which is being released Monday, shows that the average age of Argentinans studying abroad has been rising.

The average age was 39.7 in 2017 while it was 32.5 in 2016.

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