UCLA study abroad program boosts the football recruiting market

A program at UCLA that offers the chance to study abroad in another college or university is helping the school gain recruits, a source with knowledge of the situation told ESPN.

The school is in the process of setting up a study abroad network, and a spokesman for the school told ESPN on Friday that it was the first time UCLA had done so.

It will be led by athletic director Mike Bohn, who previously was UCLA’s athletic director and is now the head coach of the football team.

The program will be designed to recruit football players and recruits of other colleges and universities, the spokesman said.

The UCLA Athletic Department and the school did not immediately respond to ESPN’s request for comment.UCLA’s program, which will be called the UCLA-WSU Study Abroad program, will offer a limited number of students a chance to live in a different location, travel with the team and participate in other sports.

The program will cost about $50,000 and will open next year, according to the spokesman.

Bohn has long been a proponent of the idea of college sports as a place for students to spend time with their families and for people to get in shape.

In March, he told ESPN that UCLA was the perfect place for players to spend some time away from home, especially for the future NFL draft class.

UCLA, however, has not opened a study overseas program in recent years.

A UCLA spokesman did not respond to a request for more details on the program.

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