How to get a good scholarship to study abroad in the US

The US has more than 200,000 foreign-educated students, many of them studying in the private sector.

They are among the top earners in the country, earning more than $1.3 million annually.

But the US is struggling with an over-reliance on foreign students for some jobs.

Now, researchers say that some companies are taking advantage of students from China to fill the gap.

“We’ve seen companies like Alibaba [whose Chinese-born CEO Jack Ma has become a global celebrity] and other companies that are hiring foreign students to fill in for American students,” said Lauren Roper, a research assistant at the US Census Bureau.

Some companies are paying these students for up to $3,000 per week, which is the equivalent of a four-week summer job.

The students can earn as much as $60,000, according to an analysis of data from the Department of Labor.

The practice is particularly rampant at companies with high tech-driven industries like health care, education, and the aerospace and technology industries.

But Roper said the practice could be spreading across the country.

“There are definitely some schools that are employing students from outside the US,” she said.

The problem is that many companies don’t know the rules.

They often hire students from abroad for jobs they don’t even have the right qualifications to fill.

“Some of these companies are going to have these students in their pipeline and they’re going to hire these students, and they might not even have to hire them,” Roper added.

Companies can also hire them for other jobs, like to help with translation.

But many employers also find out about the practice through their own employees, who have been encouraged to report it.

And the problem is getting worse, said Roper.

“These companies are not taking these concerns seriously, they’re not going to be reporting it to their HR department.

They’re just not going after it,” she added.

A company could be in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act if it uses a foreign student for an unqualified job or service.

But Roper doesn’t think that’s the case.

“It’s not like they’re saying, ‘hey, if you’re looking for an intern, send us an email.

If you’re an employee, we need to be aware of this,'” she said, adding that it could be an unfair practice for companies to use students from other countries for their own profit.

The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act prohibits companies from using students from foreign countries for jobs that aren’t available to American workers.

The law is rarely enforced, however, and companies could still be in trouble for violating it if they fail to report the hiring of foreign students.

The Department of Education is currently reviewing the practice.

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