FourFourTimes: Two students study abroad to earn their degrees

Two students from California’s Berkeley have decided to study abroad instead of returning to the U.S. to complete their undergraduate degree.

The students are studying in Japan, Canada, the Netherlands and South Africa, according to their respective universities.

One of the students, the first female to receive a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Chicago, received her B.S., with a minor in International Political Economy from the College of William and Mary.

She is studying at the University in New York.

The other student, the second female to earn a B- in international studies from the School of International Service at Georgetown University, is studying in New Zealand.

Both students are expected to complete degrees in the next three years.

The Berkeley students are from different schools, with the Berkeley students in particular choosing to study overseas in order to complete the degree.

“This is a very important opportunity for us to learn about the world and to really explore different cultures and experiences and learn how we can work together to change things in a world that is very divided by race, religion and gender,” said the university in a statement.

“While the B-Students’ choice of study abroad is both a privilege and an opportunity, we hope that their presence in New Japan will strengthen the bond between our two countries.”

According to the Berkeley campus website, the B.

As. students plan to study in Japan and study in the Netherlands, the two countries that have a significant number of Chinese students.

They will then go on to study at New York University, where they will study international relations and political economy.

According to a press release from the Berkeley University, the students’ experience will be taught in New-York in the form of a course called “New-York Politics and the Chinese American Experience.”

Berkeley, in fact, is home to a large Chinese community and its Chinese-American students were the first to be admitted to Berkeley in 2011.

According the university, “The B.

Arts students are excited about the opportunity to study on their own terms and to share their experiences in a new setting.”

The B-Arts program, which started in 2008, offers a variety of courses in a variety for both students and faculty, including business, humanities, arts and social studies, and international studies.

The program, known as the Berkeley Arts Program, is one of four currently offered at the university.

The programs are in the areas of Chinese American Studies, Ethnic Studies, International Studies and English Language and Literature.

In an interview with the Daily Dot, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau said, “One of the things we think about is the need for the UC Berkeley community to be diverse, to be engaged, and to be active.”

Birganeau added, “In terms of the Chinese community, the Berkeley community, we have to be more welcoming, we need to be less judgmental, we don’t discriminate, we support each other.”

Berkeley is known as one of the premier liberal arts colleges in the country, having been named a national leader in the field of arts education.

The university’s campus, which includes a diverse array of schools and institutions, also has several Chinese-themed buildings.

The campus is home not only to the Chinese Cultural Center and the Mandarin Oriental, but also the Chinese School of California, the Asian Pacific American Studies Center, the College and the Asian-American Studies Center.

In 2014, the university unveiled a $1.6 million art collection dedicated to the history of the art of Chinese-Americans, including works by Ai Weiwei, Ai Wei Lien, Ming Pao, and Chen Guangcheng.

In a statement, Birgioneau said that the program will also help to “develop students’ leadership potential, and enhance the quality of life for all Chinese students at Berkeley.”

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