What’s going on in U.S. universities?

The U.N. has asked universities around the world to do more to help students with their international studies, amid concerns that their students are less likely to graduate and are more likely to commit suicide.

The U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office said in a statement Friday that it is “very concerned about the situation of international students, who are at greater risk of self-harm and suicide.”

U.M.A. students are more at risk than other students for developing suicidal thoughts and behaviors, the statement said.

U.K.-based charity, Uceap, said it is working with more than 400 universities to help them identify students at greater risks.

It said it has already provided guidance to schools on what to do if students do not want to study overseas.

The World Health Organization has warned that more than a quarter of young people in developed nations are considered at risk of developing suicidal tendencies, and it has suggested more attention should be given to promoting more active social and environmental environments for students.

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime says the world has an excess of young males who are vulnerable to developing serious mental health problems.

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