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Australian study abroad scholarship providers have found the best places to study overseas, but the quality of the options varies widely.

The study abroad offers can offer a wide range of options, including Australian universities, the private sector, overseas training centres and other organisations.

To find out where you can find the best options for study abroad in Australia, Business Insider has taken a look at how each country approaches the study abroad.

Read more:Australia offers study abroad study abroad to all degree levelsAussie universities provide the most flexible optionsAussie study overseas scholarship providers are more likely to be accredited and accredited universities provide higher-quality options than other countries, according to a new study by Australian study overseas providers, the University of Adelaide and the Australian Research Council (ARC).

The ARC, a private research agency, surveyed 1,000 Australians aged 18-64 to determine the best study abroad programs in Australia.

The ARC said the survey found the most popular Australian study programs were the Universities of Adelaide, Adelaide University and the University and College of Sydney.

It found the largest number of Australians aged 12-20, between 18-24, were interested in attending a university overseas.

There are four main types of Australian study, the ARC said: study abroad and study at home, study abroad for a short time, study at university or study abroad full time.

However, there are many options for those aged 20-24.

“Australian study abroad is also available to students who have completed their university coursework in Australia,” the ARC wrote.

The University of Canberra and the Queensland University of Technology both offer study abroad opportunities, the study overseas provider for each of the universities said.

Australia offers student loan repayment opportunitiesAustralia’s students who are not studying overseas can pay off their student loans, and also apply for a loan to study in Australia from the Commonwealth Bank.

There is no charge for those studying overseas, the Commonwealth said.

“Study abroad is an affordable option to meet the needs of students from Australia who have been unable to meet their academic goals in Australia due to the economic uncertainty of the global economic downturn,” the bank said in a statement.

The Commonwealth Bank said it was “very pleased” to partner with ARC to provide the largest study abroad program in Australia for students aged 18 to 24.

“The Commonwealth has a long history of providing the best overseas study options to students across the Commonwealth, and the ARC partnership is a significant step in our work to improve access for students to study abroad,” the agency said.

The ACCC also said it wanted to see more Australian study providers offering scholarships to students studying abroad, and to make it easier for students with family and work responsibilities to access the funds they need.

The National Association of Australian Studies said the research was very encouraging.

“We think that it is great to see the universities and research institutions taking a leading role in making the most of the opportunities available for Australian students,” the association said.

Read More:Australia study abroad students, not study abroad centresThe National University of Singapore and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology have both offered scholarships to study international students, the NUS said.

University of Melbourne has also partnered with ARC and the research agency to offer a study abroad programme, it said.

Other universities in Australia have also offered scholarships for overseas students, but many of these programs were limited to students from the mainland.

“Our university is the only university that provides a scholarship program that is designed to help students from mainland Australia to study at the University,” the University’s spokesperson said.ABC/AAPTopics:education,travel-and-tourism,international-aid,united-statesFirst posted November 24, 2019 05:54:42Contact Karen McGovern

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