Why UConn Study Abroad Matters

UConn University’s International Studies Program is studying abroad to increase its international reach, according to the university’s president.UConn President Bruce Eisgruber said the university will begin a study abroad program for graduate students starting next semester.

Eisgruer said he plans to use the program to expand its research and teaching offerings abroad and to develop the university as a hub for interdisciplinary collaborations.UCLA is planning to begin a similar program, according a university spokesperson.

The University of Arizona, another highly-ranked research university, plans to begin an international study abroad plan this fall, according an official.

The university said in March it was starting an international program for undergraduates and is planning a second semester of graduate students.

The American Council on Education, an advocacy group that promotes education and the arts, said in a statement that it was “deeply concerned” by UConn’s move to establish a new program.

“It’s a big leap for a university like UConn, and a big risk for students who need to have the resources to get an education abroad,” said Lauren Witherspoon, the group’s director of international relations.

The move comes as more universities have begun to explore international study.

Last year, the Association of American Universities began an international graduate program.

Last fall, the American Council for Education launched a program in the Dominican Republic for international students.

And in 2015, the Alliance for Public Service, a group that advocates for public universities, launched a scholarship program for international undergraduates.

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