How to get a US visa on your own without a degree

DUKE – The University of Washington has issued an email to students informing them that they may need to take a special test before applying for a study abroad visa.

The email says the requirement is a requirement for all students who wish to study in the US.

“This requirement is part of the University’s mission to promote academic exchange and collaboration with the US,” it reads.

The university’s email says that “students with a degree from an accredited institution can obtain US visas in a number of ways, including through a specialised examination.”

It does not specify the test or any requirements.

The US Consulate in Delhi says the US has no records of any study abroad test being issued by the university.

The Consulate says it can not confirm whether the test is required to apply for study abroad visas.US Consulate officials say they are not able to comment on specific applications or specific applicants.

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