What is the difference between studying abroad and studying in the U.S.? Study abroad meme – study abroad meme

Study abroad memes are popular memes on Facebook that celebrate studying abroad.

They often show a college student in a backpack, with a book in hand, talking to a professor.

The professor asks the student what they’re studying, then asks her to put a note on the table for her.

The student is asked to put the note in the book.

The teacher reads from the note and gives the student a copy of the book for their notes.

A student’s mother or a teacher takes the note with her.

Sometimes the professor will read a short story or poetry, followed by the professor reading a short poem.

The students will often sing along to the professor’s song.

The meme has been popular since 2013.

The meme has also been used in various forms on social media.

Students often post videos of themselves reading the text and singing along to it.

A study abroad student has shared a photo on Facebook of a backpack with a note for her that reads, “Study abroad meme.

Study abroad here.”

Another student shared a selfie of herself reading a book.

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