USA: Study abroad brasil study abroad organization to move into a new building

BARCELONA (AP) The University of Southern California is moving into a $3.2 billion, 57,000-square-foot building on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro to become a study abroad baccalaureate organization.

The university announced the move Tuesday, saying it will provide about 15,000 undergraduate students with the opportunity to study abroad in the United States.UCSB President Tom Hartman said the university is thrilled to open its doors to international students.

He says the university’s students from countries around the world are coming to the United Kingdom, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and other countries.

The new building will house the university, the University of British Columbia and the University College London.

The university said it will add about 1,100 full-time positions.

The school has been a focus of controversy recently over its handling of sexual assault cases.

It was one of three U.S. colleges to suspend a white woman who accused a white former football player of raping her in a dormitory in 2013.

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