The first thing to know about the SBIR study

A study by the National Science Foundation, funded by Congress, has concluded that the nation’s cybersecurity strategy for 2018-2019 may be too conservative.

The National Security Agency has been conducting a series of experiments with the agency’s Cyber Command to determine how well it can keep its systems from being hacked.

It’s unclear how the agency will measure the effectiveness of its Cyber Command experiments.

According to a statement released Monday by the agency, the SBE study is designed to assess how well the agency can keep the government’s systems safe from hackers.

The SBE team conducted five experiments that it says demonstrated how effective it can be in keeping data secure in its own labs and other data centers.

The researchers tested their findings in a scenario where the SSA conducted an experiment on a large network of servers.

The network is divided into “layers,” each of which has a set of servers that contain the agency “tables.”

SSA’s team was able to determine the network’s security level through a series with three different scenarios.

One scenario used a data center owned by an unknown entity to attack the agency and its servers.

In another scenario, the data center was attacked by hackers from outside the country.

In the third scenario, hackers from the United States and Russia compromised the servers.

Both of those scenarios involved using an attacker who is not a state actor, the statement said.

This “attack could have taken the agency or other U.S. government departments data offline for several hours,” the statement says.

In each of the five scenarios, the agency was able, using its own computers, to “identify the attack and mitigate it by exploiting vulnerabilities in the underlying infrastructure,” the agency said.

In total, the five experiments measured the agency in “an internal, publicly available environment, including on a server that could have been accessed by an external attacker.”

The agency’s response to the SCE study was not immediately available.

The agency has not provided any further details about the experiments.

“We take the report’s findings seriously, but will not comment further until we have more information to share,” a SSA spokesperson told Ars in a statement.

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