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The University of Dundee is set to host an international study abroad program next month.

The programme will bring together over 100 students from across the UK and Ireland, with a focus on developing skills and understanding of international markets.

A number of the students will be studying in the UK for the first time, including students studying at Glasgow University, and some from Ireland.

The aim of the programme is to encourage them to develop their academic and professional skills through a combination of practical and experiential learning, said study abroad programme manager Michael Gorman.

The students will also be able to access the university’s campus for activities and activities with the public.

“We think the opportunity to study abroad is really significant, and we’re really looking forward to getting some of our students in the room to experience the university in the real world,” said Dr Gorman, who will be joined by fellow study abroad volunteers from the University of Leeds.

The university has been studying abroad students since 2007, with the aim of recruiting more of the brightest and most motivated students from the UK.

Dr Gorman said the students would be able use their time in the city to experience some of the city’s most popular attractions, including the city centre, the new Glasgow University campus and Dundee University.

“The study abroad experience at Dundee will allow the students to be a part of the Glasgow University community,” he said.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn from the best students in Scotland.”

The study is a part-time program that covers 12 weeks and will start in the autumn of 2019.

The university is looking for a full-time volunteer for the programme, who can provide support for a limited number of students and help the university get the necessary funding.

If you’re interested in volunteering for the study abroad opportunity please contact [email protected]

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