When You Can Study in the U.S., But You Need to Travel to Other U.K. Countries

A number of U.k. universities are starting to offer study abroad programs, but students who are already at the university must take a more rigorous approach to their studies.

The New York Times reports that the UCL Institute of Advanced Studies is planning to open a study abroad program for undergraduate students at UCL, University of Reading, University College London and UCL University of London.

Currently, there is no U. k. study abroad option for undergraduate studying, but in May, a new option was added to the program called ‘Advanced Studies in U. K..’

The University of Southampton is also working to open up its undergraduate study abroad options, but according to a spokesperson for the university, the university is currently only offering one option: ‘Advanced Study in Scotland.’

Students who wish to study in the United Kingdom must have a UK passport, and will be required to apply for a work permit before they can move to the country.

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