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University of Miami students will have access to a new study abroad program this fall.

The UM student union is calling it “study abroad” study, and it will be a part of the university’s online program.

Students can sign up for this program starting next fall and will be able to apply to take classes online.

The new program will be offered in both Spanish and English.

The Miami Herald reports that UM has also offered a study abroad online program in the past, but it has been limited in number.

The university is also offering an online Master of Arts in Business in the same year.

According to the university, students in the study abroad and the online program can take courses in Miami, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and the Bahamas.

The study abroad will start on October 1, 2018, and will last six months.

The program is not expected to replace UM’s regular undergraduate program, but instead to be a separate program that offers additional programs and resources.

The student union hopes to add the program to the campus library and provide more information about the program in a public announcement.

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