How much do you spend on a study abroad?

Emory University students spend $7,600 a year on study abroad for a full-time study, according to an analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Board.

But students at public universities can spend more than $12,000 a year, while students in private universities can go for as little as $3,200 a year.

The college board uses the cost of the student’s living expenses and student loan debt to calculate the full cost of a degree or certificate.

It then estimates how much of a cost the student will save through a study overseas program.

While the number of students spending more than the full amount a year is small, the amount of money a student can save can be significant, according the study.

The analysis found that the average price of a bachelor’s degree at Emory is $62,800.

The average price at Emories public universities is $70,000.

But the cost per credit hour at Emrys private universities is significantly higher.

The average cost of an undergraduate degree at Yale is $51,500, while the average cost at Emry is $57,100.

The cost per hour at Yale and Emry can be even higher at private universities.

At both institutions, students can take up to 20 credits per semester to earn their degree, while at Emys public universities, they can take just eight credits per week.

The study found that students in the public sector can save an average of $14,800 a year from their studies, while those in the private sector can spend as little $3 and as much as $10 a year in savings.

In comparison, a person can save $2,500 a year at a community college.

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