Bratz study overseas: Study abroad, study abroad, studying abroad

The Bratz Group has completed a study abroad program in the Netherlands that will include study abroad with local students and a full year of study.

Bratz said in a statement that the students in the program will “study at a top-notch university and gain valuable practical experience in the workplace.”

The students will study full-time at the Dutch institution for three to four months, before moving on to other university courses.

“As the CEO of Bratz, I am committed to bringing the best value to Bratz students through our education,” said Bratz CEO Eric Hahn.

“We have the highest retention rate of any brand and we are confident that this program will make a huge impact on the way Bratz prepares our employees to grow into a future world leader.”

The company said that while there are no set plans to expand the program beyond the Netherlands, the company plans to continue to develop its global talent and grow the company in other areas.

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