U.S. universities offer ‘one-stop shop’ to study abroad

The Trump administration announced Wednesday that the U.K. and Germany will begin offering online degrees to students studying abroad.

The new program, called UVM Study abroad, will begin in 2019.

The program is part of a broader effort by the Department of State to promote a new wave of international education, with a focus on the arts, humanities, business, government, and the sciences.

The program will include up to 10 undergraduate and graduate students studying in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

The UVM study abroad program, dubbed UVM-US, will be based at four of the UVM campuses: the UVA campus, the U of V campus, and UVM’s international research campus.

The universities will begin accepting applications for the program later this year.

The initiative will be designed to make studying abroad more accessible and affordable, according to UVM Chancellor Richard C. Stallman.

Students from all 50 states and three Canadian provinces will be eligible for the study abroad option, and up to five UVM students will study at the same time in a single campus.UVM Study Overseas will offer three-year degrees in art, architecture, business administration, computer science, environmental science, English, engineering, law, humanities and social science.

Students will also be able to take online courses at one of the three universities.

“The breadth and depth of UVM studies abroad offers an opportunity for our students to gain valuable international experience, while strengthening their relationships with their home countries and the world,” Stallman said in a statement.

The department has been working to expand its international outreach in recent years.

Last year, the department expanded its program of U.N. ambassadors, which offers students opportunities to travel to the U, as well as to other parts of the world.

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